Evaluate, through an image dotted with sensitive areas, what the participant has as a visual representation of his achievements.
By choosing this type of question, the author has a choice of tools to modulate and refine his expectations on the participant side:
time limit
answer required

The question has up to 25 areas to click.

For his part, the participant selects one or more proposals from the list presented and, depending on the author's settings, has a comment box to give his opinion.


Theme: indicate one or more themes or skills to which the answer is associated. In the participant report relating to the quiz, the results by topic are presented.
(For example: on a course on the automobile, we can associate the questions with the themes of bodywork, engine, interior, etc.)
Statement: Enter the statement of the question as it will be presented to the participants.
Time limit: define in seconds the response time given to the learner for the question. By default, this parameter is set to 0, so there is no time limit .
Points: adjust the number of points awarded if the question is answered correctly.
Mandatory: yes answer must be expected to validate and go to the next question / no answer optional, the participant can validate and go to the next question without having given an answer to the question.
Maximum response: defines the number of correct checkboxes on the image as well as the maximum number of clicks that a participant activates on the image
Allow comments: displays a "comments" box to the participant so that he can give his opinion in free entry (the latter is not taken into account for the scoring system)

Sensitive Areas - Settings


The configuration of the sensitive area takes place in two stages:
define the support image
assign sensitive areas

First step : define the support image
select the image from your computer (PNG or JPG, size less than 5MB)

Choose image

make a 4/3 cut of the image


Second step : assign sensitive areas
the number of zones to click is defined by the "maximum answer" field in the "Question parameters" part
the available green windows are defined just below the image: by adding one to the list, a green window appears on the image
position the green windows (correct answers) on the desired areas and resize them to the desired size. The rest of the image will be incorrect by default.

Place zone (s)

list of zones : each line corresponds to a proposed zone with its associated buttons (modification, deletion)

List of zones


If the answer is correct, partially correct or incorrect, displays a personalized message to the learner.
If left blank, displays simple feedback by default: correct, incorrect, partially correct.



Click on the image to select its answer.
The image, through the magnifying glass, is displayed in full screen.
The large screen is for visual purposes only. The selection of sensitive areas is not effective in this mode.

Sensitive Zone - Participant view - Response selection

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