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A Quiz is an activity made up of a series of questions to assess the participant's knowledge or promote the acquisition of knowledge in a fun and active way.
Several types of questions are available for the Quiz :

Single-choice and multiple-choice questions
Fill in the blank
Match Item
Free Answer


The moderator creates his "Quiz" activity in the library:
He clicks on the Create button in the My folders tab.
He selects the "Quiz" activity
He assigns a name to his activity
He can optionally tag it and add a description to it.
He clicks on Create

The moderator then defines the parameters of the quiz and creates the questions that compose it.

A Quiz has various common parameters to define. They can be modified at any time, whether it is upstream of the creation of the questions or even after dissemination of the activity to the learners:
Pass mark : by default set at 50%
Defined or random order : the different questions of the Quiz are presented to participants in the defined order or randomly. At creation, the Quiz questions are presented by default in the order in which they were created.
With or without feedback : option available only for Normal Mode, when the participant answers, the question's feedback is displayed automatically or not. At creation, the Quiz displays feedbacks by default.
Game Mode or Normal Mode : when the Quiz is launched in Game Mode, the number of points obtained for each question is displayed. In Game mode, feedback is necessarily displayed after each answer. By default, at creation, the Quiz is in Normal Mode.
Start options : Quiz questions are either started by the participant or by the moderator. If the Quiz is led by the participant, the latter can answer the questions at their own pace, independently. If the Quiz is led by the moderator, the questions will be displayed on the initiative of the moderator for all learners. With this option, during the broadcast, the moderator will have the possibility to display to the participants the answers given by all and the correct answers. At creation, the Quiz is by default directed by the participant.
Results page : at the end of the Quiz activity, a results page is displayed or not, with or without details of the questions and the score obtained for each one. At creation, the Quiz does not display this page.
Anonymize : the moderator can choose how he wishes to see the list of participants with their results, whether by full name (first name + last name), first names only or anonymously (will only display the number of answers selected for a question, without distinction). At creation, the participants are in "full name" .
Vibration : makes the devices vibrate when the feedback is displayed (Compatible devices only, smartphone type) .
Number of autocorrections : defines the number of times the participant is allowed to answer again the questions that he made mistakes. By default, no autocorrection is allowed.

The "Number of autocorrections" parameter is only displayed when the "Display results page with score details" parameter is selected.

The questions that make up the quiz are created in the Questions tab: by clicking on the Add button, the list of the different types of questions available is displayed. The moderator selects the question of his choice to start his creation.
For more information on the creation of each question type , refer to the corresponding articles (see list and links at the beginning of this article).

When a quiz contains questions they are listed in the Questions tab, it is possible here to:
delete a question by clicking on the red cross
duplicate a question by clicking on the duplicate icon
edit a question by clicking on the pencil

These actions can also be performed in batch by selecting multiple questions.

Quiz activity: creation of questions

When creating or editing a quiz, the moderator can view the preview:
of each question, by clicking on "Question preview" in the question editing screen

Question overview

of the entire quiz, by clicking on "Quiz preview"

Quiz overview

While broadcasting a quiz, the moderator:
views live the results of participants for each question in a monitoring table
consults the answers given
corrects open-ended questions
displays the final scores in the form of podium or general classification

Tracking quiz responses

Consult the answers given to a question
To consult the answers given by the participants to a specific question, the moderator clicks on the number of the question in the first row of the table.
In the Activity tab, a graph with the number of times a suggested response has been chosen is displayed.

Quiz - Live: viewing answers to a question

The moderator can also share the graph of answers to a question in the participant interface as well as in the projector. To do this, all he has to do is click on the number of the question in the table ...

Question selection

... then on "Display".

"Display" button

In the Participants tab, the moderator accesses the answers given by each participant.

Quiz - Live: viewing participants' responses to a question

Correct Free Answer questions
When a participant answers a free answer type question, a blue square is displayed on the quiz monitoring table.
To correct the answer given, the moderator has two possibilities:
he either clicks on a blue square: he thus visualizes the answer given by the participant and clicks on one of the pictograms according to the correction to be given (correct, partially correct or incorrect)

Free Answer review

or he accesses all the answers given to the question by clicking on the number of the question and then going to the Participants tab.
Review of free answers: list of answers

Show quiz results
By clicking on the Visualize button, the moderator displays the results of the quiz in different forms:
table corresponds to the response monitoring table
podium displays a podium with the participants having obtained the 3 best scores

Results podium

ranking displays the general ranking of all participants

Results as an overall ranking

gauge presents the ranking of all participants with a display of their score in the form of a gauge.

Results in gauge form

Tip : Remember to use the projector function. It is activated from the tool bar on the right by clicking on the Projector icon. The Projector tab opens. It allows you to have a clean display to distribute to participants. In this Projector tab, the moderator displays the podium or the general classification by clicking on the Show button present in his Live space.
In face-to-face, the host will broadcast the Projector tab on his video projector.
In remote session, the moderator will share the Projector tab with Webiteach's screen sharing.

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