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MOBITEACH promotes the pooling of educational resources between moderators thanks to its sharing functionality.

To share activities, the moderator activates the Shared option in the settings of the folder containing the activities to be shared.

Activity sharing

A Shared area is displayed, the moderator clicks to open it and access the features to add the people with whom he wants to share the activities:
click on the button Add
in the window that opens, enter the email addresses of the moderators with whom you want to share the file (email addresses of their MOBITEACH account) or click on Moderators of your organization to display the list of your employees who have a MOBITEACH moderator account.

The moderators with whom the activities have been shared will be able to find them in the My Shared Folders tab of their library.


This library tab groups together all of the folders that have been shared with the moderator. They are available to create a training session.

In this space, it is possible to:
view shared activities in a folder
duplicate one or more activities to integrate them into “My files” and thus be able to edit them
start an activity from the library
export a shared folder in re-importable .mbt format (for more details on exporting and importing activity refer to dedicated article)

These shared folders are not editable. The moderator can use the activities in these folders to orchestrate his session. If he wishes to modify them, he must first duplicate them to make them editable in the "My folders" area.

Library My Shared Folders________
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