Manage activities and files

The library in the MOBITEACH room offers the moderator a space to manage all his teaching resources.

Library items are displayed in list view or in mosaic view.

Library: list view and mosaic view

By clicking on the + Create button, the different activities that can be created are displayed:
E-Learning module
Message activity
Tag Cloud
URL activity

All you have to do is click on one of the types of activities offered to start creating it.

A first page is displayed where you enter at least the name of the activity, and possibly tags and a description, before clicking on the Create button.

Activity creation - page 1

A second page, specific to each type of activity, is displayed to define the parameters of the activity.

To find out more about the creation of each type of activity, but also about the functions for animation and their use on the participant side, refer to the dedicated articles.

Create a MOBITEACH activity

Folders can be created in the library to categorize activities. To create a file, the moderator clicks on the Create + button, then selects File and fills in the information on this file before clicking on Send .
Name (compulsory)
possibly the associated tags and a description
The moderator indicates:
if the file is a briefcase (functionality to provide documents to participants)
if the file must be synchronized with a Box (in the case of the use of a MOBITEACH Box for the animation of face-to-face training sessions).

He clicks on the Send button to create the file and then has access to other options such as:
activate the sharing of the activities of the file
archive the folder (to store it in the dedicated tab of the library, with the possibility of reintegrating it later in the My folders tab).

All this information and options can be edited, once the file has been created, by clicking on the pencil that appears on hover.

Note: only one folder level is possible, you cannot create a folder in another folder.

Different actions are possible when one or more folders are selected:
Duplicate the folder(s) to create a copy
Share to activate sharing on the file (see the dedicated article to know the procedure for sharing with other animators)
Synchronize to synchronize the activities of the file with a MOBITEACH Box
Archive the selected folder (s) (they are then moved to the Archives tab of the library)
Delete the selected folder (s). Deleted items are placed in a recycle bin (accessible from a tab at the top right of the Library space).

Actions available on folders

To provide participants with documents via the briefcase: the moderator creates a folder containing Documents type activities and activates the Briefcase option in the folder parameters (accessible by clicking on the Folder editing pencil ).

File containing documents

Briefcase option activation

A folder on which the Document Holder option is activated is represented in the form of a briefcase.
Briefcase folder

Activities can be:
moved into a folder by drag and drop
moved out from a folder by selecting them and clicking on the folder with the arrow (see image below) or by dragging and dropping them on this folder with the arrow

Moving an activity out of the folder

Other actions are possible on one or more selected activities:
Exit activities from the file
Duplicate the activity(ies)
Download the document for Document type activities
Delete the activity(ies). Deleted items are placed in a recycle bin (accessible from a tab at the top right of the Library space).

In the Trash tab, we find all the items that have been deleted (folders and activities).

The bin

They can be :
restored , all you have to do is select the item (s) to restore and click on the restore icon
permanently deleted , either by selecting the items and clicking on the delete icon, or by clicking on Empty the trash (in this case all the items in the recycle bin are permanently deleted).
Actions to restore and permanently delete items

Features are available to easily find activities in the library:
filter by types of activities
sort by type of activity, date of creation or name
do a keyword search

Library: filter, sort and search

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