Create the lessons of a session

A MOBITEACH session is made up of lessons, themselves made up of activities. The lessons allow you to structure the session in chapters (for example a chapter by concept or objective) or according to key moments (for example a lesson for the morning activities and one for those of the afternoon for a one-day session).

To add a lesson, just click on Add a lesson . We then inform:
at least the name of the lesson
the training center
the training room
the scheduled broadcast date and time
Then we save by clicking on Send .

To edit the information of a lesson click on the pencil icon.

To delete a lesson click on the corresponding cross button .


To add activities to a lesson, click on the + button : a window with the activities available in the library opens, then all you have to do is select the activities to add to the lesson and click on the Add button.

Session: adding activities

Session: list of activities for a lesson

Different actions are possible on the activities:
remove them from the lesson by clicking on the cross (they will remain available in the library)
move them in the lesson or in another lesson by dragging and dropping
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