What is a session?

A MOBITEACH session corresponds to a training or a meeting scheduled on a given date, for identified participants and for which activities are planned. A session can last a day, two days or an hour ...

Sessions area

In the Sessions area, there are two methods to create a session :

Create a session "manually": click on the Create session button. In the window that opens, enter at least the name of the session and possibly a description.

Create a session by importing an XLS file: click on the Import button from an XLS and drop the XLS file of the session to import in the zone provided for this purpose.
Care must be taken that the activities contained in the lessons of the imported session are present in the library either because they were created by the moderator, or because the moderator imported them into his library, or because 'they have been shared by another moderator (activities found in My shared folders ).


When the moderator creates a session, he must fill in the session information in the Parameters tab:
date and hour
authorize participants not registered for the session (but registered for the room) to access the session: yes / no / on request
signing per session, day or half-day
personalization of the image associated with the session
other description fields: training center, room (for face-to-face training), objective of the session ...

He clicks the Save button to save the information.

Session: parameters
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