Manage the attendance sheet

MOBITEACH makes it easy to manage the signing of the attendance sheet and its archiving, both face-to-face and remotely.


When a session is in progress, to have the attendance sheet signed, the moderator goes to the Sessions tab, in the Attendance tab of the current session.
To initiate the signature request, he clicks on the gray button with the arrow located at the top right of the attendance table: a window then opens on the participants' screen inviting them to sign it. The moderator sees the participants' signatures appear on the sheet as they are sent.

The moderator also signs the attendance sheet by clicking on the pencil facing his name in the table.
Signing - Moderator view (session format)

In face-to-face training, the moderator can go to each participant and have them sign on his tablet by clicking on the pencil next to each name.


Once all the signatures have been collected, the moderator saves the attendance sheet by clicking on Save . The attendance sheet is then saved in pdf format in the Documents tab of the session.

The attendance sheet can also be printed directly from the Registration tab by clicking on the Print button. The moderator has the choice between printing the signed sheet or a blank sheet (in the case where he wishes to have the participants sign manually during a face-to-face training).


To customize the attendance sheet, parameters are available in the Tools area of ​​the room, Preferences -> Options tabs and will allow you to pre-fill by default certain information of the attendance sheet:
duration of the training day
duration of the training morning
duration in the training afternoon
format of the attendance sheet by default: day, half-day, session
group or not the participants by organization
personalized text to be integrated at the top of the signing sheets
personalized text to be integrated at the bottom of the signing sheets
logo to display on the document

Parameters of the attendance sheet

Signing: half-day format
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