Register participants for a session

Registering participants to a session allows you to limit access to only registered people if this option has been selected. This prior registration of participants also makes it possible to show on the attendance sheet all the people who must attend the training session.

3 possibilities are available to register participants for a session.

If the participants are already registered at the room level:
1 - click on Actions -> Select participants : the session participants are selected from the list of participants registered at the room level.

If participants have not yet registered at room level:
2 - click on Import via an xls file : in the drop zone provided for this purpose, upload the xls file previously completed with the participants' information. The xls template file can be downloaded from the drop zone by clicking on the link provided.

Participant registration by importing an XLS file

3 - click on Actions -> Add a participant
You must then complete the account creation form for each participant, indicating at least: first name, last name, e-mail and password, and possibly specifying the organization they belong to and the language of their interface.
In this case, the participants' room access account will be created at the same time as their registration for the session.
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