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During a session, the moderator can consult the results obtained in the quizzes. After the session, he has access to additional data from the participants' activities. He can thus take stock of their learning, evaluate the effectiveness of his training or collect information to prepare his next session.


In the Results tab of the Sessions area, the moderator has instant access to the results of participants on the various quizzes conducted during the session.

Sessions: quiz results


Once the session is over, in the Reports area, the moderator has access to detailed data relating to the sessions, activities or participants.

Session reports
The session's report contains:
a summary of session information: name, date and time, description, objective
the list of lessons and activities showed
the list of participants registered for the session, with direct access to their detailed personal report
the results of the activities that allow you to obtain a score (quiz activities and e-learning module)
the ranking linked to these results (display in % or in points, sorting of the results by groups if groups of participants have been defined for the session)
the visualization of the sheet of signing

Session report

Activity reports

Beyond the results and answers to quizzes and surveys, this report contains the outputs or traces of all the participants on an activity.
The recorded items differ depending on the activity:
post-it produced by participants as part of a post-it activity
results and answers to the questions for a quiz activity
results to the questions of an e-learning module
words proposed by participants in the word cloud activity
answers to a survey

Each report can be exported in .xls format.

Detailed report of a quiz activity

Participant reports

The moderator can access the activity reports of each of the participants registered in his room.

For each participant, all the quizzes and surveys to which he has answered are listed.
The moderator accesses the participant's results and detailed answers for each of his quizzes and surveys.

Participant report: quiz results and answers
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