Export a session

The sessions created in a MOBITEACH room can be exported in order to be shared with other moderators for example.

To export a session, double-click on the session to export, in the Parameters tab click on the Export to an xls button.

Session export button

A window opens to indicate whether you want to include the list of participants in the export of the session or not. If you choose yes when importing the xls file to create a new session, the list of participants registered for the original session will be created in the new session.
If the creation of the new session via XLS file import took place in a room different from the original session, and if the participants registered for the session do not have an account in this new room, their account will be created automatically in the Participants area of ​​the new room.

Session export to an XLS: participant integration

The XLS export file can be shared with other moderators so that they can create an identical session in another room.

To Create a session by importing an XLS file : click on the Import from an XLS button and drop the XLS file of the session to import in the zone provided for this purpose.
Care must be taken that the activities contained in the lessons of the imported session are present in the library: either because they were created by the moderator, or because the moderator imported them into his library, or because they have been shared by another moderator (activities found in My shared folders ).
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