Create a Document activity

This activity allows participants to consult any type of documentary resource (textual document, video, audio, image, etc.) at their own pace with the possibility of downloading them.


The moderator creates his "Document" activity in the library:
He clicks on the Create button in the My Folders tab.
He selects the "Document" activity
He assigns a name to his activity
He can optionally tag it and add a description to it.
He clicks on Create

Once the activity has been created, he can then:
Add the desired documentary resource by clicking on the Add a document button
Drag and drop the documentary resource file into the window provided for this purpose
Activate or not the possibility of downloading the file by the participants
Click on Save

The moderator then integrates his activity into a session or launches it directly from the library.

The accepted file formats are: PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, PNG, GIF, JPG, MP3 and MP4). The size of the deposited file must not exceed 20MB.


When the "Document" activity is broadcast, participants view the proposed document either through a pdf reader, or through a video or audio player depending on the type of media.

Viewing a PDF document - Participant side

By clicking on the Download button, the participant can download the document (button visible only if the option has been activated by the moderator).

Viewing a video - Participant side


For his part, during the broadcasting of the activity, in the LIVE space of his room, the moderator also visualizes the resource.

Document activity - Host side
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