Create an E-Learning module activity

This activity offers participants to go through an e-learning module previously created with an authoring tool. Offering such an activity to be carried out independently by the participant and offering exposure phases, as well as formative and evaluative activities, allows the learning modalities to be varied.


The moderator creates his E-Learning activity in the library:
He clicks on the Create button in the My folders tab.
He selects the E-Learning activity
He assigns a name to his activity
He can optionally tag it and add a description to it.
He clicks on Create

Once the activity has been created, he can then:
Add the desired e-learning module by clicking on the Add a package button
Drag and drop the zip file of the package in the window provided for this purpose (Required file type: ZIP SCORM or TINCAN)
Click on Save

The moderator then integrates his activity into a session or launches it directly from the library.

The weight of the deposited ZIP package must not exceed 50MB.

When the E-Learning activity is launched, participants have access to the e-learning module: they consult its content and carry out the activities proposed therein.

E-Learning activity on participant side


For his part, during the distribution of the e-learning module, in the Live space of his room, the moderator visualizes the results of the participants in the question-type activities proposed in the module.

E-Learning activity - Moderator side

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