Create a survey

During a Survey activity the moderator will formalize questions to collect opinions or information from the participants.

The purpose of this activity is to collect opinions, proposals and assess the degree of satisfaction of the participants.

The moderator launches a survey made up of several questions, which the participants will have to answer.


The moderator creates his "Survey" activity in the library:

He clicks on the "Create" button in the "My folders" tab.
He selects the "Investigation" activity
He assigns a name to the activity
He can optionally add a tag or a description
He clicks on Create

The moderator then creates the questions for his survey in the "QUESTIONS" tab:
He clicks on "Add"
He chooses between Multiple choice, Order (scheduling activity) or Free Answer.
For each question, the moderator sets:
the question
time limit
if it is mandatory
comments allowance
random display of responses
adding a media or a link
the theme
possible answers

Survey: Moderator View

When creating or editing a survey, the moderator can check the preview:
of each question, by clicking on "Question preview" in the question editing screen

Question preview

of the entire survey, by clicking on "Quiz preview"

Survey overview

The moderator saves his questions and then launches his Investigation activity from his session or directly from the library.


The participant is invited to participate in the Survey activity.
He answers a succession of survey-type questions, for which he positions himself and gives his opinion.

Survey: Participant View

The moderator can share the graph of answers to a question in the participant interface as well as in the projector. To do this, all he has to do is click on the number of the question in the table ...

Question selection

... then on "Show".

"Show" button
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