Create a URL activity

This activity provides participants with a link to a website, video or image. Videos and images can be integrated directly into the page for easy viewing for participants.


The moderator creates his URL activity in the library:

He clicks on the Create button in the My folders tab.
He selects the activity URL
He assigns a name to his activity
He can optionally add tags and a description

Once the activity has been created, he can then:
Add the URL of the site or media he wishes to offer to participants
Specify whether the content should be embedded in an <iframe> so that the media (video or image) is displayed directly in the participant's MOBITEACH interface. Without iframe, participants will click on the launch button to open the site in a new window
Choose the distribution mode of the URL: show to the participant and / or to the moderator and / or to the projector
Save the activity by clicking on Send

The moderator then integrates his activity into a session or launches it directly from the library.

Note: by integrating an <iframe> type link to a video, it will be directly integrated into the MOBITEACH interface on the participant side, in the same way as if we use a document activity, with the difference here the video file is moderatored outside the MOBITEACH server, so no file size limit is applied.


When the URL activity is broadcast, participants see:
or a page with a Launch button to open, in a new tab of their browser, the site corresponding to the URL address specified by the moderator
or a page containing the media (video or image) integrated using a <iframe> link

URL activity: Video embedded in the page - Participant side


For his part, during the broadcasting of the activity, in the Live space of his room, the moderator can also view the site or the video integrated into the activity by clicking on the View button. .

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