Create a Message activity

This activity presents a page made up of a text and an image. It is used to broadcast messages at different times during a training session: welcome message, break, transition between chapters ...


The moderator creates his Message activity in the library :
He clicks on the Create button in the My folders tab.
He selects the activity Message
He assigns a name to his activity
He can optionally tag it and add a description to it.
He clicks on Create

Once the activity has been created, he can then:
Add the desired text in the zone provided for this purpose
Add an image by clicking on the Add media button
Drag and drop the image file in the window provided for this purpose
Click on Save

The following image file types are accepted: PNG, JPG or GIF. Their weight must not exceed 5Mo.

Message activity: creation

The moderator then integrates his activity into a session or launches it directly from the library.


When the Message activity is broadcast, participants see the page that was prepared by the moderator: text and image.

Message activity: participant-side broadcast


For his part, during the broadcast of the Message activity, in the Live space of his room, the moderator also visualizes the page with the text and the image that the participants see.

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