Create a Post-It activity

This activity formalizes the ideas of the participants in the form of colored post-its, which can be moved, modified, classified in a simple and playful way to answer a subject or a problem. Very useful for brainstorming activities, it can also be used for other purposes, in particular to carry out work on synthesis of ideas.

This activity aims to collect, classify, share ideas visually while collaborating.


The moderator creates his "Post-it" activity in the library:
He clicks on the "Create" button in the "My folders" tab.
He selects the "post-it" activity
He assigns a name to this activity
He can optionally add tags and a description
He clicks on "Create"

Once the activity has been created, he can then:
Define the topic or question
Personalize the activity with a background image
Click on Save

He then launches his activity from his session or directly from the library.


The participant sees a window with the question or the subject of the activity, as well as a colored post-it in which he can enter his idea.
He also has the possibility of:
select the color of his post-it
view all the ideas posted by him and by the other participants
like post-its produced by other participants

The maximum size is 500 characters allowed in a post-it, and line breaks are possible

Post-it: Participant view


As the participants enter ideas into the post-its, the moderator sees them appear in his Live.

He can then:
move them to classify or categorize them
see the number of likes on each post-it
identify who liked a post-it
delete it
modify it (text and / or color)
like it
create new ones

Post-it: Moderator view in "Post-it" format

At any time, the moderator can decide to display the ideas as a list. He will find the same actions as in "Post-it" view.
This view allows him in particular to have a more global and faster view on the most liked subjects for example.

Post-it: Moderator view in "List" format

The moderator can also, at any time, project the Post-its wall to the participants via the "Projector" icon.

It is also possible to modify the background image live.

"Background image" button


At the end of this activity, the moderator has the opportunity to collect all the ideas submitted by the participants in the detailed report of the activity.
He can also export the data in Excel format to keep and process the data later.

Post-it: Access to detailed activity report
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