Create a Whiteboard

The whiteboard is a MOBITEACH activity which consists in distributing a presentation support to the participants in more "formal" phases of content contribution.

This activity aims to provide the necessary knowledge to the participants in a training session.


The moderator creates his Whiteboard activity in the library:

He clicks on the Create button in the My folders tab.
He selects the activity Whiteboard
He assigns a name to the board
He can optionally add a tag or a description
He backs it up

A whiteboard is then created in which:
The moderator can import a document by clicking on Import and selecting the document of his choice
The moderator can create one or more pages by clicking on Add a page (text, image, arrow, frame ...)
or mix these two options to create your document

N.B .: The imported file can be in ppt, pptx, pdf, png and jpg format and must be less than 50MB.

The created or imported pages are then visible in the PAGES tab of the whiteboard.
The moderator then launches their Whiteboard activity from their session or directly from the library.


The participant sees on the screen content slides . He can display them in full screen mode if he wishes.

Whiteboard: Participant view


The moderator visualizes his whiteboard in the Live . He scrolls through the slides at his own pace:
or by clicking on the thumbnails of the document
or by clicking on Previous and Next

Whiteboard: Animator view

Two options are interesting for the moderator during his session:
The pointer, which allows to focus the attention on certain parts of the projected slide
The possibility of choosing the free mode of consultation of the whiteboard

Whiteboard: Choice of free mode

In this Free Mode configuration, the participant sees the Previous and Next arrows displayed on either side of the slide and can thus scroll through the slides on his own rhythm :

Whiteboard: Free mode for the participant

When broadcasting a whiteboard activity, the moderator can designate a co-moderator, that is to say a participant who will manage the distribution of the slides (next slide - previous slide).

Co-animation button

The button available in the toolbar opens a window to choose the co-moderator.
By clicking on the same button, the moderator removes the co-moderator and takes back control.

Co-host selection

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