Step 1: Prepare a session

Once the moderator has his MOBITEACH room, to prepare a session he will have to:
create activities and manage them in his library
prepare access to the room and register participants
prepare his training session with the planned activities and participants


To create activities, the moderator goes to the Library area.
By clicking on the + Create button, the different activities that can be created are displayed:
E-Learning module
Message activity
Tag Cloud
URL activity

To find out more about each activity (creation, animation, use by the participant), please check the dedicated articles.

Creating a MOBITEACH activity


Folders can be created in the library to categorize activities. To create a folder, the moderator clicks the + Create button, then selects Folder and provides the information about this folder: Name, optionally tags and description.

Folder creation - Window 1: information

Note : only one folder level is possible, you cannot create a folder in a folder.

Activity files can be shared with other employees by selecting the "Yes" option on the Sharing parameter (see dedicated article for the sharing procedure).

To provide participants with documents via the briefcase: the moderator creates a folder containing Documents activities and activates the Briefcase option on the folder.
File creation - Window 2: additional information and settings

To learn more about library management and the different options available, see the articles in the Library category.


Define the mode of access to the MOBITEACH room
In order to prepare access to the room, the moderator first defines the desired access mode: Tools -> tab Preferences -> Participants ID
Public: participants connect via the web address provided by the moderator or a QR Code indicating their email address (potentially having previously indicated the name of the room they wish to join). Only participants registered for the room will be able to access. By default, access to the room is in public mode .
PIN code: in addition to the previous information, participants must indicate the connection PIN code provided to them by the moderator.
Username and password: participants connect by indicating the email address of their MOBITEACH account and their password.
Create participants automatically: when the public or PIN code mode is selected, this option allows participants not registered in the room to create an account.

At the session level, it is also possible to authorize access only to participants registered for the session. This is the option Unknown participant .

Tools - Participant ID

Create participant accounts at room level
This step is not mandatory if the option Create participants automatically is chosen for the room access mode: in fact, in this case the participants will be able to create their own account.

However, to have a better follow-up of the sessions, and to be able to prepare attendance sheets with the names of the participants registered for the session, it is preferable to register the participants in the room AND in the session (see details below in the section CREATE A SESSION).

To register participants for the room, the moderator goes to the Participants area, and then has 2 possibilities:
Add participant: this option opens a form to enter the data of a new participant
Import participant: this option proposes to import an Excel file containing a list of participants (this option also proposes to download an Excel file template to enter several participants)

Creation of participating accounts


In the Sessions space, the moderator clicks on the Create session button. In the window that opens, he provides at least the name of the session and possibly a description.

Session settings
On the following page, in the Parameters tab, he provides information and parameters related to his session:
date and hour
authorize participants not registered for the session (but registered for the room) to access the session: yes / no / on request
signing per session, day or half-day
personalization of the image associated with the session
other description fields: training center, room (for face-to-face training), objective of the session ...

He clicks the Save button to save the information.

Lessons: the activities of the session

The activities that will be offered to participants during the session can be organized in lessons : the lessons allow the session to be structured into chapters (for example one chapter per concept or objective) or according to key moments (for example a lesson for morning activities and one for afternoon activities if the session lasts one day).

To structure your session and add the activities you want to offer participants:
click on Add a lesson and enter at least the name of the lesson and the planned date and time of broadcast, then validate by clicking on Submit
click on the + button to add activities to a lesson: a window with the activities available in the library opens, all you have to do is select the activities to add to the lesson and click on the Add button

Session: add activities

Session: list of activities for a lesson

Registering session participants allows you to limit access to only registered people if this option has been selected. This prior registration of participants also makes it possible to show on the attendance sheet all the people who must attend the training session.

3 possibilities are available to register participants for the session.
If the participants are already registered at the room level:
click on Actions: Select participants.

If participants have not yet registered at room level:
click on Import from an XLS
click on Actions: Add a participant
In this case, their room access account will be created at the same time as their session registration.


Before a distance training session, it is preferable to have carried out connection tests to the tool with the participants and to ensure that they have the necessary equipment (headset, microphone). This will avoid wasting time dealing with technical issues at the start of the session.

For distance training, before the session, the moderator sends an email to the participants to give them the modalities of access to his MOBITEACH room.
He can send, via his own mailbox, the address to access his room: for example,

If access by PIN code has been chosen, do not forget to communicate it to the participants.

If the moderator chooses to let the participants create their own account to access the room, he tells them to complete the form provided.

Participant account creation form

The moderator can also use the message sending functionality integrated into MOBITEACH:
in the Participants area, it selects the participants to send the connection information to
then he clicks on the Envelope icon located at the top right of the window

Participants then receive the email below.

Connection information sent by email
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